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  • Rules & Draw Blue Book | ISLTA Junior Branch

    RULES AND DRAW Competition Rule Book and Draw (A, B & C Grades) , which also includes court locations and team contacts Premier Grade Rules Premier Grade Draw Rules for Matches Played Without a Chair Umpire Etiquette Tennis Australia Regulations and Code of Behaviour Team Adjustment Form ​ Suburbs Included in Competition ​ Premier Grade Result Sheet Result Sheet

  • Saturday Jnr Comp | ISLTA Junior Branch

    SATURDAY MORNING JUNIOR UNISEX COMPETITION We run Saturday morning competitions for boys and girls from across the St George and Sutherland Sire areas so that they can participate and compete in a friendly yet challenging team environment. Both boys and girls up to and including the age of 19 are eligible and are welcome to play in our junior competitions. All abilities are welcome with Premier, A, B and C Grades available. The format is simple and the competition is engaging and fun for junior tennis players. ​ Competition Rule Book and Draw (A, B & C Grades) ​ Summary of Junior Competitions Rules Results PREMIER GRADE UTR Competition Learn More Draw

  • Keep Updated | ISLTA Junior Branch

    Keep Updated Subscribe to Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch's mailing list to receive updates on Saturday morning competitions, representative tennis, tournaments and other relevant news. First Name Surname Email Mobile I would like to be kept updated and agree to ISLTA - JB storing my details. I understand that ISLTA - JB will never share my details with any third party, unless legally required to. Register to be kept updated Thank you for subscribing to our mailing list.

  • Committee and Contacts | ISLTA Junior Branch

    JUNIOR BRANCH COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESIDENT Grahame Ross Mobile: 0423 487 584 Email: COMPETITION SECRETARY Email: RESULTS RECORDER Email: PREMIER GRADE CO-ORDINATORS Linda Abbott: 0 466 432 959 Kylie Roberson: 042 66 321 66 Sue Weston: 0431 636 465 Email: A - C GRADES CO-ORDINATORS Stuart St Baker: 0415 177 166 Albert van Poppel: 0410 409 222 Email: VICE PRESIDENT Carmela Savoca Email: COMMITTEE MEMBERS Grahame Ross (0423 487 584) Carmela Savoca (0434 238 204) Linda Abbott (0 466 432 959) Kylie Roberson (042 66 321 66) Sue Weston (0431 636 465) Stuart St Baker (0415 177 166) Albert van Poppel (0410 409 222) Committee and Contacts: List Committee and Contacts: Image

  • Court Locations & Draw | ISLTA Junior Branch

    COURT LOCATIONS & TEAM MANAGERS Click on the following images to enlarge them. DRAW KEY

  • Coaches | ISLTA Junior Branch

    FINDING A COACH Looking for a coach or do you need a team to play with in a Junior Branch Competition? Here's a list of coaches who currently enter teams in Junior Branch Saturday Morning Competitions.

  • Gallery | ISLTA Junior Branch


  • Results | ISLTA Junior Branch

    SUMMER 2023-2024 COMPETITION RESULTS: NOW AVAILABLE IN MATCH CENTRE PROGRESSIVE POINT SCORES AND COMPETITION LADDER All Premier and A to C Grade point scores and ladders are updated weekly. Premier Grade A and B Grades ROUND RESULTS Premier Grade 1 6 11 2 7 12 3 8 13 4 9 14 5 10 15 Semi-Finals Finals A and B Grades 1 6 11 2 7 12 3 8 13 4 9 14 5 10 15 Semi-Finals Finals SUBMITTING RESULTS FOR A - C GRADES BOTH TEAMS MUST email the correctly completed Result Sheet to the Results Recorder ( ) by no later than 7pm on the day of play, including semi-finals and finals. The following details must be clearly filled out on result sheets: ​​ Date Team names Each player's name and surname Correctly completed score and winning team name Whether new balls were supplied Both captain's signatures Good sportsmanship nomination - optional ​ ​ One warning only will be issued for the late submission of results, after which, for every incidence of late submission, a draw will be recorded and the points shared between the two teams. In the event of wet weather, the home team must advise the Results Recorder if play does not go ahead. Both teams must advise who would have played. . RESULT SHEETS TO DOWNLOAD A - C Grades Result Sheet Umpire Score Sheet .

  • Team Registration Details for Coaches | ISLTA Junior Branch

    FOR COACHES - HOW TO REGISTER YOUR TEAMS Registration for the Winter 2024 Competition is now closed. The Competition starts Saturday 4 May. Match Centre has been a huge success and is now in place for the recording and collation of competition results. To be eligible to play in ISLTA - Junior Branch competitions, each player must be Match Centre registered and have their own Tennis Australia 66333 number. To submit your teams for our Saturday Morning Competition, coaches should complete the updated Team Registration Form and email it to by Wednesday 27 March 2024 . Players and teams will then be graded and the draw prepared. When completing the updated form , please enter one player per line. Enter all your teams on the one form. You will also need to add team details, including: Centre name; Address; Centre contact name and number; Court number/s that matches will be played on. Details for each Team Manager/Contact are also required; this is so that other teams can make contact regarding: Wet weather/washed out matches; Advise of forfeits; Request assistance when substitute players are required. Competitive Player Profile and 66333 number - manda tory Coaches must ensure that all players in every team have a Tennis Australia Competitive Player Profile and 66333 number, which can be created by registering at Match Centre . UTR - mandatory All players must also be UTR-registered. Players can link their UTR from their Tennis NSW Competitive Player Profile . If they don't have a UTR they can register at Alternatively, they can link through from their Tennis NS W Competitive Player Profile . ​ To ensure the incidence of forfeits is reduced, it is recommended that each team has three (3) players. ​ To ensure your player grade suggestions are as accurate as possible, we strongly recommend reviewing each player's previous results over the course of their most recent competition as well as their UTR. ​ In order for us to grade the players and teams, prepare the draw and communicate all the details before the start of the Summer 2024-25 Competition, we ask coaches to email the completed spreadsheet to by TBC. If you require assistance completing the updated Team Registration Form or have any questions, please contact our Competition Secretary on: .

  • Wet Weather | ISLTA Junior Branch

    WET WEATHER What to do in the event of wet weather: ​ Call the court telephone number or the team's website to ascertain if court is playable (on safety grounds) ​ If the court is likely to be playable or it is uncertain if play can go ahead, players must proceed to the court where a decision will be made up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start time ​ The home team must email the Results Recorde r if play doesn't go ahead ​ Optional : teams to email the Results Recorder the names of players who were scheduled to play Court locations and contact details Alternatively, refer to the Competition Rule Book and Draw (A, B & C Grades) ​ Tennis Australia’s Extreme Weather Policy

  • Notices | ISLTA Junior Branch

    NOTICES COVID-19 Our tennis competitions are going ahead with your safety in mind. As directed by Government guidelines, we have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. Ensure you are social-distancing when possible, hand sanitising and always adhering to guidelines. Players - no handshakes, fist bumps or high fives and, instead, use racquet taps. Please regularly visit the COVID-19 page and like our ISLTA JB Facebook page for updates or changes to playing and spectator conditions. COVID-19 Plan UNIVERSAL TENNIS RATING (UTR) UTR is a global rating system supported by Tennis Australia that provides a single, objective, consistent and accurate measurement of skill level for tennis players for all ages, geographies and gender. A player’s UTR is a number between 1.00 and 16.50. Players having a UTR will assist Junior Branch in grading accurately and also to run tournaments. It will also ensure players are matched up to play opponents of a similar rating and therefore standard. Learn More SPORTSMANSHIP NOMINATIONS ISLTA Junior Branch rewards good sportsmanship with the Good Sportsmanship Awards. Prizes presented at the end of each comp (summer and winter) at the Finals presentations. Fill out the nomination section at the bottom of your Result Sheet . ​ Example nomination reasons: Being polite to players both on and off the court Calling the score in a loud and clear voice Helping the opposing team in all things related to tennis e.g. attentive as a ball person. Learn More ACTIVE KIDS The NSW Government provides a $100 voucher to parents and guardians of school-enrolled children, with a second $100 voucher available from July each year. The $100 vouchers can be used against registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities of no less than eight weeks’ duration that provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity. Apply for a Voucher REGISTRATIONS Registration for our current competition is now closed. If you're interested in submitting a team for our next competition, please register here for updates . You can also stay updated by following our Facebook page . Need a coach? Here is a list of coaches who currently submit teams to our Saturday morning competitions. Learn More HAVE A QUESTION? If you have any questions please see our FAQs . Alternatively, see the Committee and Contacts page to find the contact details and roles of committee members who can answer your questions. FAQs

  • Premier Grade | ISLTA Junior Branch

    PREMIER GRADE The highest grade of the Saturday Morning Junior Competition, known as Premier Grade, is run in a tournament style environment at one venue (currently Roberts Road, Peakhurst). We are pleased to advise that this event is run as a UTR competition. Premier Grade - expressions of interest should be emailed to: by 1 August 2024. P layers of all ages that are of a suitable standard as well as maturity will be considered. Invited players will also need to apply by completing an application form. Premier Grade is made up of six teams, with five players in each team and four different players rotating play each week. The total duration per player per round is between two and three hours. Each player plays one singles match (two sets and a super tiebreak) and one doubles match (one set). Premier Grade Competition Format Premier Grade Rules Premier Grade Draw Results

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