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  • Keep Updated | ISLTA Junior Branch

    Keep Updated Subscribe to Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch's mailing list to receive updates on Saturday morning competitions, representative tennis, tournaments and other relevant news. First Name Surname Email Mobile I would like to be kept updated and agree to ISLTA - JB storing my details. I understand that ISLTA - JB will never share my details with any third party, unless legally required to. Register to be kept updated Thank you for subscribing to our mailing list.

  • Court Locations & Draw | ISLTA Junior Branch

    COURT LOCATIONS, TEAM CONTACTS, DRAW AND KEY Click on the links below to view and download documents Court Locations and Team Contacts Draw for A and B Grades All players must have a Tennis Australia Competitive Player Profile (66333 number) AND be UTR-registered. Register now at Match Centre . You must also link your Tennis Australia Competitive Player Profile to your UTR. If you don't have a UTR visit Key Result Sheet

  • Notices | ISLTA Junior Branch

    NOTICES COVID-19 Our tennis competitions are going ahead with your safety in mind. As directed by Government guidelines, we have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. Ensure you are social-distancing when possible, hand sanitising and always adhering to guidelines. Players - no handshakes, fist bumps or high fives and, instead, use racquet taps. Please regularly visit the COVID-19 page and like our ISLTA JB Facebook page for updates or changes to playing and spectator conditions. COVID-19 Plan UNIVERSAL TENNIS RATING (UTR) UTR is a global rating system supported by Tennis Australia that provides a single, objective, consistent and accurate measurement of skill level for tennis players for all ages, geographies and gender. A player’s UTR is a number between 1.00 and 16.50. Players having a UTR will assist Junior Branch in grading accurately and also to run tournaments. It will also ensure players are matched up to play opponents of a similar rating and therefore standard. Learn More SPORTSMANSHIP NOMINATIONS ISLTA Junior Branch rewards good sportsmanship with the Good Sportsmanship Awards. Prizes presented at the end of each comp (summer and winter) at the Finals presentations. Fill out the nomination section at the bottom of your Result Sheet . ​ Example nomination reasons: Being polite to players both on and off the court Calling the score in a loud and clear voice Helping the opposing team in all things related to tennis e.g. attentive as a ball person. Learn More ACTIVE KIDS The NSW Government provides a $100 voucher to parents and guardians of school-enrolled children, with a second $100 voucher available from July each year. The $100 vouchers can be used against registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities of no less than eight weeks’ duration that provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity. Apply for a Voucher REGISTRATIONS Registration for our current competition is now closed. If you're interested in submitting a team for our next competition, please register here for updates . You can also stay updated by following our Facebook page . Need a coach? Here is a list of coaches who currently submit teams to our Saturday morning competitions. Learn More HAVE A QUESTION? If you have any questions please see our FAQs . Alternatively, see the Committee and Contacts page to find the contact details and roles of committee members who can answer your questions. FAQs

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  • COVID-19 | ISLTA Junior Branch

    COVID-19 Our tennis competitions are being played with a COVID-19 safety plan in place as directed by Government guidelines. In order to keep us all safe as well as to avoid the risk of being issued with fines, all players, parents, coaches and spectators are required to always follow Government guidelines, including but not limited to, social distancing, using hand sanitiser and the cleaning of surfaces. Players – no handshakes, fist bumps or high fives and instead use racquet taps. Please regularly check this page and the ISLTA JB Facebook page for updates on any changes to playing and spectator conditions. If a player is feeling unwell please arrange for another player. If you have had a positive COVID-19 test, please urgently contact ISLTA JB and/or your coach. COVID-19 Plan

  • News | ISLTA Junior Branch

    LATEST NEWS For other news and information see Notices READ MORE New email address for our Results Recorder : ​ ​ Use this email to submit your results by 7pm on match day on the updated Grades A - C Result Sheet ​ Printed copies of the Competition Rule Book and Draw (A, B & C Grades) are now available – contact your coach or tennis centre for your copy ​ The Rule Book and Result Sheet are also available on our Forms page

  • Team Registration Details for Coaches | ISLTA Junior Branch

    FOR COACHES - HOW TO REGISTER YOUR TEAMS Registration for the Summer 2023/2024 Competition is now open. The Competition starts Saturday 14 October. We have been trialling Match Centre for results recording and due to its success will be implementing its use for the Summer Comp. All players must have a Tennis NSW 66333 number to use Match Centre . To submit your teams for our Saturday Morning Competition, coaches will need to complete the updated Team Registration Form and email it to by Monday 4 September 2023 . Players and teams will then be graded and the draw prepared. When completing the updated form , please enter one player per line. Enter all your teams on the one form. You will also need to add team details, including: Centre name; Address; Centre contact name and number; Court number/s that matches will be played on. Details for each Team Manager/Contact are also required; this is so that other teams can make contact regarding: Wet weather/washed out matches; Advise of forfeits; Request assistance when substitute players are required. Competitive Player Profile and 66333 number - manda tory Coaches must ensure that all players in every team have a Tennis NSW Competitive Player Profile and 66333 number, which can be created by registering at Match Centre . UTR - mandatory All players must also be UTR-registered. Players can link their UTR from their Tennis NSW Competitive Player Profile . If they don't have a UTR they can register at Alternatively, they can link through from their Tennis NS W Competitive Player Profile . ​ To ensure the incidence of forfeits is reduced, it is recommended that each team has three (3) players. ​ To ensure your player grade suggestions are as accurate as possible, we strongly recommend reviewing each player's previous results over the course of their most recent competition as well as their UTR. ​ In order for us to grade the players and teams, prepare the draw and communicate all the details before the start of the Summer 2023/2024 Competition, we ask coaches to email the completed spreadsheet to by Monday 4 September 2023. If you require assistance completing the updated Team Registration Form or have any questions, please contact our Competition Secretary on: .

  • About Us | ISLTA Junior Branch

    ABOUT US The Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association (ISLTA) was proudly formed in 1911 and the association has co-ordinated district tennis across the St George and Sutherland Shire areas ever since. Even though the word Illawarra is now usually associated with the near south coast of the state, the name Illawarra has remained as it is a part of tennis history in the Sydney metropolitan area. ISLTA is affiliated with the New South Wales Hardcourt Tennis Association and Tennis New South Wales, through which we are affiliated with Tennis Australia. ​ ISLTA Junior Branch supports young players (up to the age of 19) in the St George and Sutherland Shire areas by providing outstanding competitions. These competitions include: Saturday Morning Junior Unisex UTR Interdistrict Challenge Cup Illawarra Suburbs LTA Open Ladder Board ISLTA Junior Branch is run by volunteer committee members who are dedicated to making your child's competition experience both fun and challenging. New committee members are always welcome. We invite anyone interested in helping, supporting and sharing fresh, new ideas to join. Committee Meeting Details Need a coach? Here is a list of coaches who currently submit teams to the Saturday Morning Competition. Our Association is a not-for-profit entity and is run by volunteers. Our main focus is to organise tennis competitions to support junior players across the St George and Sutherland Shire areas. Learn More Contact Us SUMMARY OF JUNIOR COMPETITIONS We are proud that Premier, A and B Grades are run as UTR competitions Don't have a UTR? Register now at BEGINNERS (C Grades): Unisex teams consist of three to five players (three playing each week) Players play two sets of doubles each (best of 10 games, players pair up as 1/2, 1/3, 2/3) Played from 8am to 10am ​ INTERMEDIATE (A and B Grades): ​ The two-hour unisex event is played from 8am to 10am for B Grade OR 10am to 12pm for A Grade A squad of (preferably) three players in a team Two-person team playing each week Players will be graded by the grading committee so that matches are played between players of a similar standard All sets are full tiebreak sets, short deuce Each player plays two doubles sets and a singles set Players must umpire or be a ball kid when not playing ​ ADVANCED (Premier Grade): The highest grade of the Saturday Morning Junior Competition, known as Premier Grade, is run in a tournament style environment at one venue (currently played at Roberts Road, Peakhurst) E xpressions of interest should be emailed to ) ​ Six teams are made up of five players, with four playing each week Total duration per player per round is two to three hours Each player plays one singles match (two sets and a super tiebreak) and one doubles match (one set) About Us: About

  • Scarborough Park Courts Upgrade | ISLTA Junior Branch

    Prioritise Tennis: Your Feedback Is Needed on the Scarborough Park Courts Facility Upgrade The ISLTA Junior Branch Committee would like to encourage as many people as possible to complete the survey as well as urging any contacts you may have who support the courts being refurbished for the community to play tennis on, to also complete the survey . Please note that it's possible that to complete the survey you may be required to register. If that is the case and you prefer not to register, you can also send your feedback by the following methods: Mail: City Projects, PO Box 21, Rockdale NSW 2216 Email: Bayside Council is currently seeking feedback on the planned Scarborough Park Courts Facility Upgrade of the tennis courts at Hawthorne Street, Ramsgate. What's important to highlight in your feedback is that the upgrade must ensure that tennis can be played on all six courts, even if the courts are to be shared with other sports, and that a number of courts should be dedicated tennis only courts. This is a tennis centre and has been for decades. It was a successful one, even when somewhat run-down, but it was abandoned by Bayside Council some time ago and allowed to become completely derelict. It has been vandalised and abandoned to the point of being unplayable and unusable. If Bayside Council had looked after and maintained the courts properly, especially with the monies that Kevin Coleman was able to give back to Bayside Council after managing the courts for 2+ years on a volunteer basis , we would not be in this dire position now. In addition, the courts could have been used throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, as tennis was one of the few sports that could be played. You can read some background here and here . Another significant point is that a flexi-cushion surface should not be installed, or at least not on all courts. The reason for this is that the flexi-cushion surface is unsuitable for those who have had knee and/or hip replacements and for our more senior players. ​ One of the sports suggested by Bayside Council to be played on the courts is netball - there are 15 asphalt and 17 grass courts that have been newly refurbished on West Botany Street, Rockdale, only minutes from Hawthorne Street. The St George District Netball Association, which leases the courts from Council, secured $1 million for the upgrade. The 15 netball hard courts were resurfaced, and new netball rings and fencing installed. The works were completed only last year. Do they really need more netball courts at Hawthorne Street? If any additional salient points come to light please feel free to share them via our Facebook page in order to strengthen the case for the prioritisation of tennis or at the very least, for there to be no reduction in the number of courts tat tennis can be played on. Hopefully, we can do enough to ensure the future of tennis in the area by ensuring the court upgrade meets the needs of the tennis community, but your feedback is key to achieving this. Please feel free to share the survey as widely as possible and especially to tennis contacts and tennis pages/groups. Our understanding, and our concern, is that a significant number of people support the multi-sport use of the courts without understanding or caring about the ramifications for tennis, especially the long-term negative impacts, so please take the few minutes required to complete the survey . Feedback must be submitted by Monday 15 August . ​ With sincere thanks, Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch Committee

  • Court Locations & Draw | ISLTA Junior Branch

    COURT LOCATIONS & TEAM MANAGERS Click on the following images to enlarge them. DRAW KEY

  • Welcome Back to Summer Comp 2022 | ISLTA Junior Branch

    WELCOME BACK TO THE SUMMER COMP FOR 2022 ​ We are delighted that the Summer Comp 2022 will recommence this Saturday 5 February and we wish all players, families and coaches a warm welcome back. ​ The Tennis NSW Board - and therefore ISLTA Junior Branch - has updated the participation guidelines by removing the requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination from Tuesday 1 February 2022, as follows: ​ People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination or exemption evidence; Face masks are required indoors when not participating in exercise. ​ To limit the risk of spreading the virus, when playing, we ask that players continue not to shake hands, high five or fist bump but to tap racquets instead. ​ Everyone should try to social-distance and to use sanitiser or wash hands as often as practical. ​ Players who have tested positive to COVID-19 with a PCR or rapid antigen test within the last seven (7) days and/or who are feeling unwell should NOT play and must follow current NSW Health advice: you must isolate immediately for seven (7) days. Your household must also isolate for seven (7) days. If you have a sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath after seven (7) days, please remain in isolation until 24 hours after your symptoms have resolved. ​ Players/teams should try to find a replacement as soon as possible (refer to the Rule Book or Contacts page). If unable to find a replacement please contact the opposing team as soon as possible to advise of your inability to play. Any venue in NSW (including tennis venues) retains the right to enforce mandatory vaccination at its premises. Therefore, individual tennis venues are permitted to continue to require proof of vaccination for entry to their premises if they choose to do so; this should be respected by patrons at those venues. Both Tennis NSW and ISLTA Junior Branch continue to strongly encourage all players and their families to be fully vaccinated and to receive a booster when eligible to do so. Wishing everyone a most enjoyable first week back. Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch Committee ​

  • Summer Comp 2021/2022 Announcement | ISLTA Junior Branch

    Hello Junior Branch Community! ​ We are pleased that, due to the high level of vaccination rates across Greater Sydney, that this summer's Saturday morning tennis competition will likely commence on 20 November . It will be a shortened competition due to a number of key COVID-19 restrictions not being lifted until recently. Here's a copy of the letter that was sent to coaches on 13 October. If you have not yet spoken with your coach about being registered in a team, please contact them urgently. If you would like to play but don't have a coach or a team or need a third player, send an email to with the following information: Name and surname DOB UTR ( ) Mobile number Coach's name (if applicable. Alternatively, include previous coach details) As we are made aware of updates from Tennis NSW and the NSW State Government, will be in touch to advise you of those details. Premier Grade Due to restrictions still in place, no trials will be held for the summer competition. Teams have been formed based on previous results and UTRs. Thank you for your continued patience and support during these difficult times. We are all greatly looking forward to a COVID-free, great summer of tennis for our juniors. See you on court very soon. Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch Committee

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