ISLTA Junior Branch is the St George and Sutherland tennis association that supports young players by providing great competitions. These competitions include:

  • Saturday Morning Junior Unisex UTR

  • Interdistrict

  • Challenge Cup

  • Illawarra Suburbs LTA Open Ladder Board

Junior Branch is run by volunteer committee members who are dedicated to making your child's competition experience both fun and challenging

New committee members are always welcome

Committee Meeting Details

Need a coach? Here is a list of coaches who currently submit teams to the Saturday Morning Competition



Unisex teams consist of three to five players (three playing each week)

  • Players play two sets of doubles each (best of 10 games, players pair up as 1/2, 1/3, 2/3)

  • 8am to 10am

INTERMEDIATE (A and B Grades):

The two-hour unisex event is played from 8am to 10am for B Grade OR 10am to 12pm for A Grade

  • A squad of (usually) three players in a team

  • Two-person team playing each week

  • Players will be graded by the grading committee so that matches are played between players of a similar standard

  • All sets are full tiebreak sets, short deuce

  • Each player plays two doubles sets and a singles set

  • Players must umpire or be a ball kid when not playing

We are proud to announce that as of Summer 2020 A Grade will be run as a UTR competition

ADVANCED (Premier Grade format):

The highest grade of the Saturday Morning Junior Competition, known as Premier Grade, is run in a tournament style environment at one venue (currently Roberts Road, Peakhurst)

We are proud to announce that as of Summer 2020 Premier Grade will be run as a UTR competition

  • Six teams are made up of five players, with four playing each week

  • Total duration per player per round is two to three hours

  • Each player plays one singles match (two sets and a super tiebreak) and one doubles match (one set)

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Disclaimer: Some photos were taken prior to the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions
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