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Registration for the Winter 2024 Competition is now closed; coaches have prepared and submitted teams.

Contact your coach to advise them that you'd like to participate in the Summer Comp.

If you're interested in playing/submitting a team in a future competition, register to keep updated by clicking here.

We strongly recommend having three (3) players in each team as this will reduce the number of forfeits in the event of illness or unexpected ability to play.

Don't have a coach? Here is a list of coaches who currently submit teams to our Saturday Morning Competitions. Alternatively, contact the A - C Grade Co-ordinators at


Please note: To participate in ISLTA JB competitions, all players in all grades must have a Tennis Australia 66333 number. In addition, players must complete their Competitive Player Profile and link their profile to their UTR from Match Centre. This will also enable players to submit their results directly to Match Centre.
This is a Tennis Australia mandatory requirement.

Register now at Match Centre for your Tennis Australia 66333 number

Updates on registering for upcoming competitions will be published on our Facebook page
You can also register to keep updated by clicking here.

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Coaches submit team registrations on behalf of all teams and players, using the Team Registration Form.

Contact your coach to ensure they have your correct details, including your 

Tennis Australia 66333 number.

For independent teams who don't have a coach, each team player will need to complete a Player Registration Form. Contact to be sent the form

Players who don't have a coach or a team will also need to complete the 

Player Registration Form.

Please note: All players must have a

Tennis Australia 66333 number.

Register now at Match Centre.

All players must also be


Premier, A and B Grades are run as UTR competitions. All players in those grades are required to be UTR-registered.

Players are required by Tennis Australia to link their UTR to their Tennis Australia Competitive Player Profile (accessible after registering for their 66333 number).

Don't have a UTR?

Register now and create your profile at

Once registered, please send an email with your name, surname and suburb, and with 
"UTR Registration" as the subject line to:


Premier Grade

Summer Competition 2023/24

Expressions of interest are now closed.


Please send your details to for future competitions.

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