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Registration for the Winter 2023 Competition is now closed. The Competition starts Saturday 29 April.


To submit your teams for our Saturday Morning Competition, please complete the Team Registration Form. In order to allow adequate time to complete grading and prepare the draw, please email it to

When completing the form, please enter one player per line.
Enter all teams on one form.

You will also need to add team details, including:

  • Centre name;

  • Address;

  • Centre contact name and number;

  • Court number that matches will be played on.

Tennis Racquets.jpg

Details for each Team Manager are also required; this is so that other teams can make contact regarding:


  • Wet weather/washed out matches;

  • Advise of forfeits;

  • Request assistance when substitute players are required.

Coaches must ensure that all players in every team in A and B Grades are UTR-registered - each player must have their own email address to register for their UTR.

To ensure the incidence of forfeits is reduced, it is recommended that each team has three (3) players.

To ensure your player grade suggestions are as accurate as possible, review each player's previous results over the course of their most recent competition as well as their UTR.

In order for us to grade the players and teams, prepare the draw and communicate all the details before the start of the Summer 2023/2024 Competition, we ask coaches to email the completed spreadsheet to by 5 September 2023

If you require assistance completing the Team Registration Form or have any questions, please contact our Competition Secretary on:

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