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We are delighted that the Summer Comp 2022 will recommence this Saturday 5 February and we wish all players, families and coaches a warm welcome back.

The Tennis NSW Board - and therefore ISLTA Junior Branch - has updated the participation guidelines by removing the requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination from Tuesday 1 February 2022, as follows:

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination or exemption evidence;

  • Face masks are required indoors when not participating in exercise.

To limit the risk of spreading the virus, when playing, we ask that players continue not to shake hands, high five or fist bump but to tap racquets instead.

Everyone should try to social-distance and to use sanitiser or wash hands as often as practical.

Players who have tested positive to COVID-19 with a PCR or rapid antigen test within the last seven (7) days and/or who are feeling unwell should NOT play and must follow current NSW Health advice: you must isolate immediately for seven (7) days. Your household must also isolate for seven (7) days. If you have a sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath after seven (7) days, please remain in isolation until 24 hours after your symptoms have resolved.

Players/teams should try to find a replacement as soon as possible (refer to the Rule Book or Contacts page). If unable to find a replacement please contact the opposing team as soon as possible to advise of your inability to play.

Any venue in NSW (including tennis venues) retains the right to enforce mandatory vaccination at its premises. Therefore, individual tennis venues are permitted to continue to require proof of vaccination for entry to their premises if they choose to do so; this should be respected by patrons at those venues.

Both Tennis NSW and ISLTA Junior Branch continue to strongly encourage all players and their families to be fully vaccinated and to receive a booster when eligible to do so.

Wishing everyone a most enjoyable first week back.
Illawarra Suburbs Lawn Tennis Association - Junior Branch Committee 

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